Monday, January 17, 2011

How to cheaply Parkerize or blacken motorcycle parts (use at own risk!)

Step One:  Decide what you want to parkerize, while you are at it decide what color you want.  There are different solutions that give different results.  I found a place that sells the solution which you dilute for a fair price.  They include a variety of colors so if you are restoring they have those colors or if you just want black they have that too.

Then you go to the kitchen and steal your old ladys glass pyrex dish or another pan that is deep enough for your parts.  Steal her candy or meat thermometer, measuring cup and tongs too.  She can always get more.... fuck it if she cant take a joke right?

Find some 60 wt oil.

Go to walmart and buy a double burner plate cost about 32.00

Clean all the parts by beadblasting or with a wire wheel.

Prep the solution and start cooking it.  When it gets to about 185-200 degrees put your parts in it.

At the same time heat that oil up but only if you arent going to paint the parts.  It has to be close to the temp of the solution. 

Make sure the parts are completely covered or it will look like shit.

After the parts are cooked in accordance with the solution direction you have two choices:

If you wanna paint them them allow them to dry and skip the following.

If you arent painting use a towel to quickly dry the parts and then dunk them into the oil.  The heat expands the pores and allows the oil to seep in real good.

Use this technique at your own risk guys!!  I got it from a renowned Harley-Restoration book but havent tried it yet myself. 

Supposedly the parts will seep some oil for a while and then stop.

Then again maybe with the new black kit from calvan the parts will be nice and shiny black without the hot oil treatment.

A Japanese Derake...Chopper galore!

I scabbed this from (if you havent been there you should go).  This is a bad ass bike that was shown at the mooneyes show in Japan.  Its a prime example of what the Japanese are doing with Harley-Davidsons.  Now why cant the fucking factory do that?