Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cillians First Christmas!!

Soooo....water must make rats surface..

Hmmm....well it appears that one of the RATS has surfaced.  Told ya, it was a matter of time.  As it turns out, a mother fuker who I saved at work a few times, plus went to the Q Course with has an issue with me...running his mouth and posted my social security number on topix.  Well, Mr. Mike Thompson, I guess when the FBI escorted your ass off of KAF and onto a plane after NE& fired your dud ass you started to realize what a shitbird you were right?

Fucking faggot.  Mike, one day day.  Have fun in Washington DC you faggot ass piece of shit.

Does it ever stop?

Does the rain in Florida ever stop?  Damn, seems like monsoon season in Pakistan or Panama...