Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Ass craftsmanship from oldstfcycle

This dude is a bad ass fucking welder/fabricator.  Go to the link and check his build out because its fucking nice

1st up is his side mounted license plate bracket:
Here it is completed
Next up is this bad ass sissy bar.  Check out how he mounted it.

Here it is after he finished it off with a twisted rod.....what the fuck?? Awesome thats what the fuck!

Here is what the man had to say when I complimented his work:
Thanks, well would have to give most my respect to my father Rick but did have a couple other old timers I spent 11 years working with who teached me metal fab. I would appreciate you posting it on your blog. Cheers
Check his build out its worth the time.

Before I forget:

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