Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cable Making...

I suck cuz I scabbed this from someone else.. it came from chopcult:

solder and bakers fluid - dont use fluxcore its not upto the job.

feed the cable through the nipple and splay the ends out so i cant fall / pull out

heat from the side with the soldering iron - for this job you dot need to put solder directly onto the iron

drop in some bakers fluid down the splayed end - if it bubbles brown then your cable is dirty and needs cleaning thorougly [just heat it on the iron and dip it in bakers fluid, repeat untill clean bubbles] or your soldering wont be strong enough. feed in solder down the hole till it fills up and you can see a tiny little bit out of the cable end of the nipple [ok so im running out of hands so you get the idea

 dress off with a file and there you have it - one new cable to your exact length. done like this you end up with a wedge of solder inside the wire itself. basically means you cant pull it out through the smaller hole
the cable outer - i just put in vice and cut with angle grinder. that way you dont make a mess of it bending it with wire cutters or something. nice clean cut every time. with the universal cable kits you get cable ends to push on as well as a selection of nipples

bakers fluid -

dont know where you will get it in america but its readily available over here in england. above is the link to its spec. search from america and google will probably find it for you. from here it just tells me nearby shops

Looks like it may save some time, money and get you the cable length you want.

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